rhine ordnance barracks medical center

Rhine Ordnance Barracks Medical Center Replacement

Largest overseas U.S. military hospital to provide healthcare for over 200,000 military personnel

Züblin-Gilbane Germany Joint Venture has signed a contract to build the largest U.S. medical center on foreign soil – a significant step forward in the Rhine Ordnance Barracks Medical Center Replacement (ROBMCR) project. When complete, the 985,000-SF hospital will include nine operating rooms, 120 exam rooms, 68 beds, and a surge capacity of 25 additional beds at Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Germany.


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rhine ordnance barracks medical center

Project Overview

  • Provide medical support to 200,000 military personnel across seven combat stations
  • Serve as the only forward-station evacuation and treatment center for injured U.S. service members, civilians, and contractors serving in Central & Southwest Asia, Europe, and Africa
  • Replaces the 1953-era Landstuhl Regional Medical Center infrastructure and retrofit existing space with modern medical equipment
  • Includes recently completed assets, new Access Control Point (ACP) main entrance gate, bridge, utilities, and roadways

“Gilbane is proud to play a part in moving this project forward and providing world-class medical facilities for U.S. service members overseas. Our service members and their families deserve access to the best available care, which this hospital will be able to provide with a modern facility.”

Heidi DeBenedetti
Gilbane’s Chief Adminstrative Officer and Regional President


exam rooms




operating rooms

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