Gilbane Cares is our cornerstone commitment to safety – ensuring our people, partners, and communities are protected. We strive for zero incidents and injuries while maintaining the highest excellence in operations and project delivery. We believe that a holistic approach to safety – focusing on physical and mental health – are critical to safeguarding our team members, trade workers, and partners.

Because We Are All One Family

The safety actions of our people are driven from choice, not just from formal compliance. Like family, we look out for each other each day – at home, in the office and on our construction projects, we are committed to ensuring that everyone returns home safely each night. 

Through progressive safety programs and techniques, we continuously raise the bar by applying innovative processes, checks and balances and the latest technology. Combined with our award-winning training programs, we empower our people and project partners to embrace a true safety culture based on people, not statistics. Our focus on safety benefits projects through reduced insurance and bonding costs. 

Industry-Leading Safety 

We have been honored by the Associated General Contractors, Construction Users Roundtable, the Associated Builders and Contractors, and others as one of the safest companies in the construction industry. Our leaders actively participate on national and local safety committees that shape policy and best practices in the industry. 

Gilbane Building Company is well-known in the construction industry for our uncompromising commitment to working safely— on job sites, offices and facilities worldwide. 

Training, Education & Requirements 

We believe education is the cornerstone of an effective safety program and as such, Gilbane Building Company remains one of the safest contractors in the country. Dedication to continual advancement has enabled us to implement some of the most progressive processes, systems, and programs in the business–several of which include: 

  • Incident and Injury Free (IFF) training sessions
  • Strong jobsite requirements including helmet protection and fall protection
  • Stretch/Flex programs are implemented to reduce soft tissue injuries. 
  • Supervisors are required to obtain a minimum 30-hour OSHA certification
  • Advanced mobile SafetyNet audit system to conduct jobsite field inspections and record observations
  • Detailed hazard analysis is conducted prior to construction. 

Key stats/metrics


Zero lost time injuries in 2022


Safety Excellence Award winner from Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America


STEP Diamond Award winner from Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

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