Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management Team mitigates risk, improving project outcomes.

Committed to providing a predictable, efficient, and sustainable supply chain

Given the volatility in material availability and lead times in recent years, the role of our supply chain group has never been more critical. Dedicated to mitigating project risk to schedule and cost, Gilbane’s integrated delivery approach with established supplier relationships provides visibility and leverage into the supply chain.

Our dedicated in-house supply chain management team oversees the company-wide supply chain and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) program that benefits our clients and projects by leveraging Gilbane’s global economies of scale with sustainability goals top of mind. Through our agile sourcing and procurement programs, the Supply Chain group provides a fit-for-purpose strategy for your project.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Cost savings by leveraging Gilbane’s considerable enterprise-wide spend.
  • Schedule certainty through early supplier engagement and continuous monitoring of production and capacity.
  • Project risk management through quality assurance and lean project delivery methodologies.
  • Real-time market and periodic data reporting.

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

Our team sets high standards for our clients, suppliers, employees, and the communities we serve. We aim to do our part by protecting the environment and providing an ethical and inclusive workplace. Our sustainability commitment is reflected in our ongoing efforts to eliminate waste, reduce pollution, use repurposed materials, and increase energy efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint.

This commitment includes:

  • Maintain a diverse supplier base of trade contractors, suppliers, and professional services firms from a wide variety of backgrounds that include Diverse-Owned and Small Businesses (DOSB).
  • Seek out and work with suppliers who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by leveraging the latest technologies, conservation of resources, practicing waste minimization techniques, and maximizing local sourcing.

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