Virtual Design & Construction

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Our VDC team delivers holistic, innovative design, engineering, and construction solutions.

Building Virtually First

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) increases the efficacy of design, construction, and operations of buildings and is a bridge between design and construction. The Building Information Models (BIM) process enables us to accurately validate system design, track progress, optimize processes, reduce waste, and increase quality while reducing risk by performing virtual constructability analysis prior to the start of construction.

BIM and other related products can be utilized by the owner’s facilities personnel to monitor building performance and maintenance. It can also be linked with Gilbane’s Intelligent Building Technology to optimize and measure sustainability and operations goals.

Model-Based Coordination/Shop Drawings

Model-Based Coordination/Shop Drawings refers to the process of translating contract documents into 3-dimensional components, combining multiple stakeholder models, proactively identifying constructability issues, and ultimately creating model-based shop drawings on which to build.


Model-Based Coordination/ Shop Drawings: 

Model-Based Coordination/ Shop Drawings refers to the process of translating contract documents into 3-dimensional components, combiningmultiple stakeholder models, proactively identifying constructability issues, and finally creating model-based shop drawings of which to build.

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Site Logistics/ Safety Planning:

Through smart construction asset management, Gilbane aims for optimal efficiency on your building project, all while maintaining a safe site. This is accomplished through strategic planning, procurement, delivery transport, inventory management, and stationing resources.


Visual Scheduling/ 4D:

Visual Scheduling 4D refers to the additional layer of time on top of smart 3D building information models. This process combines a regular project schedule with a 3D model of a project to allow you to understand how the project will be built visually.


Reality Capture:

This service helps to resolve conflicts, offers correct as-built dimensions, and solves complicated problems more quickly and accurately than ever before. By fostering laser scanning and drone capture to support a leaner Building Information Modeling process, Gilbane has established itself as an industry leader.

Drone flights:

Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team conducts drone flights to capture images of the construction site progress. These photos are then used to create the 3D point-cloud and orthographic images in the BIM for verification of foundation layouts, anchor bolt locations, and a variety of other elements.


Virtual Reality:

Gilbane utilizes virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to improve overall decision making as well as to help resolve issues in a collaborative, real-time environment.



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