Learning environment

3 steps to create a comfortable learning environment

Students have started a new school year and face the many challenges still present with in-person learning in the midst of a pandemic. One of the most important to address is how schools approach the safety and health of students, both physical and mental. CDC research has already documented the COVID-19 negative effects inflicted on the mental well-being of children.

Schools that have established health and safety policies and procedures before the start of this school year are in the best position to help protect the well-being of their students. But it’s not too late: As school leaders grapple with the changing situation, security technology can help create an environment in which students feel safe, comfortable, and secure. in confidence, and where the well-being of each person is a priority.

Integrating security technology does not have to be a complex process. Read on for an easy-to-follow approach that school leaders can use to identify and implement opportunities to improve their students’ health and safety journey.

Step 1: Review the school environment

When students return to classrooms and hallways, administrators can begin by studying how students interact with the building and its occupants. Ask questions about each leg of the journey, such as:

  • How many steps does a student take between the front door and their classroom?
  • Are they crossing high traffic areas?
  • How many doors do they touch?
  • Where and how do they interact with others throughout the day?
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