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5 tips for creating a positive online learning environment

Whenever the word classroom enters a conversation, the image that forms in our mind is that of the typical classroom set up with blackboards and books. The traditional form of learning is associated with the fact that the teacher regulates a flow of information and the students write it down.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, all industries have been deeply affected. The education sector is one of them. Students have been forced to stay home and experience the online learning environment.

Initially, people were hesitant to adopt virtual means of learning. Over time, students are able to see and reap the benefits offered by an online learning environment.

However, it was a daunting task for teachers to get to grips with the new normal. For educators, it has become necessary to look for new ideas and ways to connect with students in a virtual environment. Those who work in education carry an enormous burden and their importance cannot be overstated.

Today, educators are working harder than ever to ensure students succeed, going above and beyond to prepare them for online classes, and changing their strategies and plans as needed.

What are some tips for creating a positive online learning environment?


Technology is one such aspect that we use in our daily lives. It has evolved and is still evolving with a long way to go. When it comes to online learning, technology is accessible to create a more interactive and positive learning environment.

Technology, in addition to connecting students and teachers, can be beneficial using tools such as video conferencing, audio-video components, and assistive tools such as YouTube, PowerPoint, Prezi, and learning games can all help add an interactive and visual element to your online classroom.


Learning isn’t just about memorizing facts, it’s about grasping more important skills and concepts that will shape students’ future. By organizing and leading group projects for students, teachers can create a positive learning environment, even virtually.

Additionally, teachers can hold small group sessions with students so they can converse and work together in a more comfortable environment.


Students are already in limbo trying to adapt to new ways of learning. Teachers should use minimal platforms so as not to confuse students further. When introducing new content, teachers should be careful.

Distance learning is generally the most effective method for conducting assessments.

In order to prevent students from forgetting what they have already learned, teachers need to reinforce what students have already learned.


Before trying to create a positive environment, you need to have your own clear and positive mindset. Your mindset will definitely affect the type of learning environment you try to create for your students. You won’t be able to help your students as effectively if you don’t take care of yourself properly.


Building a positive relationship with parents as well as students is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the online classroom. Keeping parents informed of the child’s progress is crucial so that parents can also become familiar with the benefits of online learning.

One-on-one meetings with your students will also help you show that you care about them and build the trust and understanding you’ll need to guide them through their academic journey. These meetings will help you keep students engaged and strengthen your teacher-student relationship.

Adapting to the new normal has been a difficult task for everyone. However, you should consider an institute that understands both the benefits and the challenges of online learning.

(Written by Dr. Nachiket Bhatia, CEO, DBMCI, E-Gurukul)