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While we take pride in the fact that we have a school fully equipped to provide a quality education for every child, we also adhere to our ethos where everyone is encouraged to celebrate the success and gifts of others. This philosophy also cements our belief in the need for a warm, loving yet disciplined learning environment where worldly values ​​are simply an accepted way of life, practiced daily. These values ​​provide our children with the opportunity to build lasting relationships and the skills to meet the demands of the many challenges they face on their life journey.

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Penzance Primary School is a traditional yet innovative school which has been committed to shaping future generations through tradition, values ​​and vision since 1920. Penzance children are encouraged to function independently and assertively in an environment structured and disciplined that promotes social and personal development. Penzance can best be described as a family oriented school which welcomes a wide range of children from different ethnic, economic and cultural backgrounds. We believe that teaching values ​​and morals is the key to the success of our “family unit”. These are instilled in our children through the teaching and practice of emotional intelligence throughout the year.

A team for all

At Penzance, our goal is to develop balanced and rounded individuals. Our wide range of sporting and cultural activities allows children to thrive in an activity they enjoy. Sporting and cultural activities on offer include cricket, tennis, hockey, softball, swimming, netball, rugby, cross country, athletics, chess, maypole dancing, arts and crafts , speech and theater and debates. Penzance has a proud tradition and rich culture on the sports field, a heritage that dates back to our early years as a school. Penzance competes at the highest level in all sports. The school often hosts national and international teams. Every child in grades 1-7 is encouraged to participate and all abilities are catered for.

A creative and cultural buzz

At Penzance, our goal is to develop balanced and rounded individuals. As well as a huge range of extra-mural activities on offer at Penzance, we also have plenty of clubs for children to join. Clubs are held after school on certain days of the week. All classes are exposed to and encouraged to recognize the instruments found in an orchestra as well as the instruments used in typical pop band groups. Children are exposed to music of all genres, singing or listening to songs from jazz, classical, rock, modern, blues and opera. Music is definitely a favorite for many learners at Penzance and the lessons are a highlight of the week for most.

More than just a school

We continually strive for academic excellence and regular strategic planning keeps our school abreast of ongoing changes in education. Teachers’ aides and teachers-in-training assist our educators in the basic and primary phases to ensure that children always receive personal attention. A state-of-the-art computer and technology center as well as an extensive multimedia center also allow for interactive learning opportunities. In keeping with our philosophy of meeting all of our children’s needs holistically, we have our own school psychologist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, two qualified counsellors, music teacher, computer teacher, coding and robotics teacher, librarians, sports administrator, physical education teacher and recovery counsellor.

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