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Alumni rally for cleaner learning environment for Yigo Sharks | Guam News

A northern public secondary school received a much-needed touch-up by a group of volunteers on Sunday morning in Yigo.

The effort began with a social media post stating that Simon A. Sanchez High School needed its grass cut.

Jon “Jmac” McDermott, Class of 2004 at Simon Sanchez High School, gave the details.

“It started with social media, and that’s where it kind of starts these days,” McDermott said. “And we heard that Simon Sanchez needed help. Some of the teachers reached out to us and we were like, “Man, maybe there’s something we can do.” So just a few friends got together. It’s just that we heard the school needed it. The grass wasn’t cut and the grass was really tall. So we wanted to find a way to come here and help and do what we could.

Then a flyer was created by Rich and Abby Camacho, which was shared with the public.

Thanks to the generosity of the public, the cleanup was a success, McDermott said.

“We actually had a good turnout,” McDermott said. “Everyone got out and it was very fast. We did what we had to do and now school is a little nicer.

About 30 former students and current students volunteered their time to clean up the Shark House.

“We definitely came out strong to make this happen,” McDermott told the Guam Daily Post. “Besides cutting bush, we did a lot of scavenging, pulling grass, pretty much everything. We just treated the school like our homes, and we tried to make it as nice as possible and as neat as possible. There’s actually a lot of stuff that’s already been done. We just tried to do things that people couldn’t do on a regular basis. We kind of did everything we could in time that we had.

An English 12 teacher at SSHS, who was present during the beautification effort, expressed her gratitude to those who tidied up the learning environment.

“We just want to say thank you to everyone who participated (on Sunday) when they saw the state of our school and came out and prepared this flyer,” said Acie Jo Sablan Cruz, who celebrates 20 years in the field. “We really appreciate the alumni who support Simon Sanchez High School. We appreciate senatorial candidates Jon Savares and Darrel “Chris Malafunkshun” Barnett, who also came out today trying hard on a Sunday. This is a community effort and we really appreciate everyone who came out to help spruce up our school and make it a little nicer.

McDermott said he hopes more people will volunteer their time to make a difference in the future.

“It all starts with a person deciding to do something like an idea, sharing it with someone else and it’s all steamboats. If you want to make a change, be part of the change. I really encourage everything the world to come out. And it’s not, it’s not about who this and that is, or who’s in charge. It’s just coming together and being part of the community. The strongest part of the change is to be part of it and do what you can to make it happen,” he said.

The cleanup was sponsored by Camachos-owned Haga Kennels.