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Arts and crafts festival provides a learning environment for all – Journal

ISLAMABAD: The National Skills University, in collaboration with Atomcamp, organized an arts and crafts festival on Saturday.

Oxbridge Innovation Solutions was Atomcamp’s training partner. The event brought together people from all walks of life including families from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, school children, city government dignitaries.

Visitors engaged in arts and crafts activities. Artistic activity included painting on canvas with acrylic paints. Both children and adults have used their creativity to create beautiful images.

Younger children have an outlet for drawing at the pencil drawing stations. Atomcamp’s volunteer art trainers guided the activity and helped people handle the art materials.

Clever science projects, spearheaded by Oxbridge, included making roller coasters out of straw and architectural structures out of marshmallows and sticks.

“The National Skills University promotes the learning of skills in a creative way. We are open to collaborations to create a community learning environment,” said Prof. Mohammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor of National Skills University Islamabad.

In addition to the projects, there was an art exhibit by local artist, Sameeha.

While Ramsha Ali, an architecture student at the National College of Arts Rawalpindi, exhibited her prints of mainly landscapes, Sameeha Khaliq, a mixed media artist from Fatima Jinnah University, exhibited her mixed media prints. She was also a lead trainer at the event.

Asma Chaudhry is a social science student at Zhabist University who is passionate about handmade items such as paintings, handmade jewelry, household accessories, bookmarks and cards. Science students made learning interesting by engaging children in building models and understanding the laws of physics.

A food stand with delicious sweet and savory snacks was set up by a home chef.

Atomcamp Manager, Samna Sadaf Khan, explained the purpose of the event.

“The festival aims to promote learning outside of a classroom environment. Artistic pursuits are rarely recognized as entrepreneurial careers, but local artists are bucking the trend by using their arts and crafts skills to run successful businesses. We wanted the kids to have fun during the festival, learn and be creative in their own way,” she said.

“The world is focused on providing skills. We have provided all materials for visitors for a hands-on experience on skill development,” said Autocamp co-founder Mohammad Naveed Iftikhar.

Posted in Dawn, October 10, 2021