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Davie Academy professionals foster an interactive learning environment to help students become independent and creative learners

DAVIE, FL/ACCESSWIRE/April 6, 2022/ Davie Academy professionals are on a mission to create an interactive learning environment to help fuel social development and improve language skills. By providing children with the opportunity to learn through discovery, they help develop a sense of curiosity in every child.

“Interactive learning environments sharpen critical thinking skills and increase social awareness. We encourage children to ask questions and give them the space to investigate their environment. By implementing student-to-student collaboration or teacher-to-student, children can learn through first-hand experiences.”

Teachers at Davie Academy say allowing children to interact with other students helps build a sense of trust. Cooperative learning environments encourage children to engage with learning materials while emphasizing the importance of building healthy relationships.

“We want children to be excited about learning. We do our best to cultivate a warm and loving environment so that all students feel comfortable enough to express themselves at school. While our curriculum focuses on traditional subjects such as math, literacy and science, we also foster a space where children can ask questions and connect with others.”

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Davie Academy is a leading preschool and educational center with a passion for helping students reach their full potential. Their inquiry-based approach fosters curiosity and exploration, allowing students to play a vital role in their education. By cultivating a loving and supportive learning environment, students are provided with the tools to enhance their growth and development.

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