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Eastern Connecticut State University: Excellent learning environment, outstanding graduates

Jonas Bjørnes was looking for a comprehensive experience with solid teaching and relevant learning. Eastern Connecticut State University ticked all of those boxes.

“My Eastern Political Science degree was extremely useful for my graduate studies, as the core courses covered theories and methods that were examined to a greater extent in my social policy-related courses,” shares Bjornes.

Students can join a wide variety of sports activities and clubs at Eastern. Source: Eastern Connecticut State University

Indeed, the winning combination of Eastern’s broad academic base and diverse applied learning experiences has empowered their graduates to develop into successful and engaged citizen leaders in the workplace and academia. Many alumni have received places at prestigious institutions such as Tufts University and James Madison University; others have been employed by ESPN, Travelers and Cigna to name a few.

Several factors may explain why 30,000 graduates have gone on to successful careers as scientists, artists, writers, etc., with local and international recognition. For starters, the Eastern in 4 academic plan sees all freshmen work with their academic advisor and counseling center staff to confirm their major, determine courses needed for graduation, choose personal electives and design a semester-by-semester approach to their Eastern career.

This unique first-year experience gives students access to a wide range of academic resources and student support for a smoother transition to college. For example, the introductory freshman course exposes students to the famed liberal arts educational structure and academics of the East; they will learn how to meet and maintain Eastern academic standards like reading and critical thinking.

In the summer, before entering the East, new entrants complete an orientation program to learn about campus resources and services with peer mentors and faculty members; the Six-Week Challenge helps them better manage their fall semester. With small groups of just 25 students, the introductory first-year course turns into a learning community where they can easily bond with mentors and faculty members.

Timothy Bugden, who majored in environmental earth science, agrees: “Eastern was just amazing. I flourished under the guidance of exceptionally motivated teachers and enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow students. I shudder to think of the opportunities I would have missed had I not signed up for Eastern”. Bugden has since earned his master’s degree in hydrology at the University of Connecticut and works as a CAD draftsman.

The abundance of hands-on learning opportunities available at Eastern is another major factor why nearly 5,000 students from 34 states and 19 countries come to study here. Internships (available in paid, unpaid, credited, on- and off-campus forms), undergraduate research in all majors, over 100 service-learning courses through the Center for Community Engagement and the Global Studies program (under form of study trips abroad) – these allow students from the East to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

Eastern Connecticut State University

Eastern Connecticut State University is New England’s top public regional university. Source: Eastern Connecticut State University

Additionally, the university offers more than 700 on-campus employment opportunities. Additionally, practical experience includes internships (social work majors); student teaching and other clinical experiences (early childhood education, education, and physical education majors); art exhibitions at the Eastern Art Gallery (art specialties); and shows on and off campus (music and theater specialties).

That’s not all. Eastern offers a fantastic range of men’s and women’s sports such as basketball, lacrosse and swimming. Top-notch facilities at Eastern, such as the golf course, baseball stadium, and softball field, allow students to hone their athletic skills. For those without sports leanings, they can join over 90 student clubs like the Asian Cultural Society, the Black Student Union, and the Creative Writing Club.

That’s why Taylor Brandariz, a business administration major, remembers his time at Eastern so well: “With its well-rounded education and extracurricular activities outside of class, there are plenty of opportunities to learn the true meaning of leadership. .” Brandariz is now VP of Operations at Drupal Connect.

The options are seemingly endless for Eastern students. They can choose to major in one area and pursue a minor in another discipline. “At Eastern, I was able to teach in a bilingual program, which allowed me to use my daily Spanish and my understanding of the language to draw comparisons with English,” explains Sarah Froehlich. This foundation supports her in her current role as a Grade 1 English teacher to Spanish-speaking children at North Windham Elementary School.

It’s no wonder Eastern has the best four-year graduation rate in the Connecticut State University system, more than double the national average for public institutions of its size. It is also the No. 1 public regional university in New England for three consecutive years (US News and World Report). If you’re looking for an outstanding public university with a private college atmosphere, apply to Eastern today.

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