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Education Inspectorate Report Reveals Chaos at Educational Institution in Amsterdam

As-Siddieq, Amsterdam’s largest Islamic educational institution, could face sanctions for embezzlement of public funds and general mismanagement. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dennis Wiersma will decide on the possible consequences for As-Siddieq, in consultation with the Education Inspectorate, according to Het Parool.

In an unpublished report leaked to Het Parool, the Education Inspectorate shows no confidence in the school board’s ability to run the facility’s three primary schools in Amsterdam. Basic tasks such as budget approval or school renovations became impossible for the council after a rift in August 2020 among its members. An Amsterdam court got involved and ruled in July 2022 in favor of President Samy Deghedy. The end of the power struggle, however, did not change the Inspection’s assessment of the educational institution, reports Het Parool.

Much of the report deals with As-Siddieq spending government money illegally. Non-educational excursions, a celebration of Eid al-Fitr with a bouncy house and ponies, tourist information vouchers for students and a fleet of exclusive buses are all examples of embezzlement by the institution , says the Inspectorate.

In fact, the schools illegally spent a total of 298,417 euros, according to Het Parool. The Inspectorate sees a “significant risk” that public funds will again be embezzled in the future.

According to the AD, the education inspectorate has the possibility to recover the money that was spent illegally. It can also impose strict control over school budgets and choose to withhold some government money. Consulting Wiersma indicates that more drastic measures are on the horizon for the educational institution, according to the AD. These could include replacing the As-Siddieq council or partially stopping funding for schools.