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The Educational Institution Membership Class is designed to meet the needs of two- and four-year brewing programs, brewing certification programs, brewing schools, culinary programs, and accredited institutions offering brewing courses. . Membership provides benefits to the program as well as faculty and staff.

* To join, select Allied trade for the membership type.

Benefits of membership


Member-only content on

Indicated by a lock icon in the menu, these pages feature content exclusive to BA members, including detailed industry statistical data, benchmarking information, overview archive, and technical information.

The new brewer® Magazine

Several free subscriptions to The new brewer magazine for staff members and access to The new brewer In line.

Brewers Association Forum

Several free subscriptions to the Brewers Association Forum, a daily and moderated email summary connecting you to over 20,000 participating members.

Industry statistics

The annual Beer Industry Production Survey reports on the growth of the craft beer industry; featured in the May / June issue of The New Brewer. Access to Brewery Operations Survey and Benchmarking (BOBS) data, a comprehensive overview of brewery operations data.

Professional Electronic Conferencing Series: Power Hour

Power Hour is an interactive online conference call series on regulation, marketing and other information. Each segment is recorded and available for download in the Power Hour archives.

Craft Brewers Conference® & BrewExpo America®

Registration discounts for our annual educational conference per person for the full conference rate. See the conference website for prices.

Brewers publications®

Discounts on pre-release versions or visit the online store to add to your collection.

IRI group discount

Discounts on Beer Sales Market Reports through the IRI Group.


  • Intended for two or four year (graduate) brewing programs, brewing certification programs, brewing schools, culinary programs or accredited institutions offering brewing courses
  • Provides benefits to faculty / program staff including:
    • Full membership for seven faculty / staff
    • Access to member-only content on (including benchmarking surveys of brewery production and operations)
    • Access to the Brewers Association Forum (including the Educators Discussion Forum)
    • A subscription to The new brewer®
    • Discounted Membership for the American Homebrewers Association (15% off)
  • The benefits of the program include:
    • Member rates to exhibit at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®
    • A subscription to The new brewer® magazine for library or department
    • Discounts on crates for the purchase of Brewers Books Publication for the School Bookstore (available with any subscription)

Membership fees

Membership level Price
Educational institution $ 495

* To join, select Allied trade for the membership type.

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