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Educational institution in containment area raided for giving lessons at Dhenkanal

Throwing all caution to the wind, authorities at a private college in the Kunjakanta area, a containment area, under city police boundaries in Dhenkanal district, were conducting night classes until Saturday when police raided the establishment.

The Kunjakanta region was declared a containment zone a few days ago after as many as 57 students from a private educational institution tested positive for Covid-19. And the area will remain a restricted area until December 10.

Police have been informed that another educational institution in the containment zone is holding evening classes for its student, flouting containment zone restrictions and Covid-19 guidelines.

Considering the seriousness of the case, a team from the City police station carried out a search of the establishment.

However, some employees of the establishment managed to give the slip to the cops while the rest of the staff did not allow the police to enter the establishment by locking its door from the inside.

After a long wait, the police had to come back.

When contacted, City Police Station Special Officer Prakash Chandra Patra said: ‘When we arrived in a PCR van, we found three to four students loitering outside. Seeing us, they ran into the premises. We too walked in only to find that classes were in progress. Then the staff kicked us out.