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Educational institution integrates technology into school system to enrich online classroom experience – Manila Newsletter

The pandemic has permanently changed the education landscape, highlighting how technology can provide not only connectivity and greater accessibility, but a richer learning experience.

Montessori Center of the Holy Child

With probable learning To will take place in virtual classrooms over the next school year, Holy Infant Montessori Center Inc. (HIMC) turned to Globe to integrate technology into the school system and accelerate its transition to a digitally competitive educational institution worldwide.

“The pandemic has brought innovative solutions and ingenious thinking in the field of education. It has also given education the opportunity to expand from traditional settings and welcome more empowering modern learning environments where students can thrive, ”said Dominiq Ruth Reyes, Vice President assistant to HIMC for internal affairs.

“At HIMC, we have already started our journey towards a more globalized education to pursue our promise to make our students the leaders of tomorrow,” added Reyes. “With our partnership with Globe to seamlessly integrate education into the new digital age, we are proud to say that we will continue to strive for the excellence we have always promised and commit to our mission of promoting educational competence. . “

Adapt Google Workspace for Education Plus to improve the HIMC brand in education

Through Globe, HIMC acquired Google Workspace for Education Plus to strengthen its learning management system and enrich the online classroom experience for its students and teachers. The school believes that the integration of the digital tool into its system is useful to both teachers and students and also gives added value and credibility to its education brand.

An upgrade from G Suite for Education, the brand new Google Workspace for Education Plus comes with a wide range of productivity apps that enable video lessons for up to 250 participants, enhanced security controls, and powerful tools to enable teachers to access, organize, and track student performance. students with ease and precision.

Globe, a strong advocate for quality, inclusive and accessible education, continues to partner with educational institutions to provide them with powerful and high-end technological solutions to reinvent the learning experience and improve the quality of education. education in the country.

Founded in 1977, HIMC is a family education institution in the town of Caloocan duly recognized by the Department of Education as a provider of traditional and online courses. It offers preschool, primary and secondary education.

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