Learning environment

Extended reality-based technology provides a more interactive and fun learning environment

Extended reality-based technology provides students and teachers with a more interactive, advanced and fun learning environment

With the rapid changes in the digital age, educational institutions are under tremendous pressure in the race to deliver great technology-based education and provide students with the best experiences.

Advances in online learning over the past two years have helped students become active learning seekers. They are no longer confined to a classroom to learn. In such a situation, extended reality-based learning not only improves the process, but also provides a deep understanding of the topics.


Extended Reality or XR encompasses Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). According to a survey conducted by Statista, 80% of people using VR / AR devices felt better motivation to learn and 93% said it improved their spatial understanding of the subject.

XR technology offers students and teachers a more interactive, advanced and fun learning environment. Along with flexibility in study schedules and teaching modes, XR technologies will not only enable institutions to better understand learner profiles through advanced data analytics, but also ways to use information to personalize and improve educational pedagogy. XR enables students to discover new and futuristic learning methods. For example, experiments can be performed more safely and at less cost. In subjects like chemistry, there will be no fear of explosions or injuries.

Better understanding

XR-based education helps students improve and develop their imaginations and leads to better understanding. For teachers, it provides visualization aids that help them teach in a practical way rather than just conceptually. Statista’s survey showed that students preferred VR classes because they believed they were being followed in context and it helped them retain information. As technology evolves every day, the XR market will continue to grow and become a revolutionary development in the education industry.

The author is the Vice President of Operations, SRV Media, Pune.