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Hans & Leo sells inspirational artwork that promotes a learning environment for children

The online store features high-quality artwork that promotes independence, confidence, self-discipline, respect, and emotional connection.

Hans & Leo is an online specialty store featuring Montessori-inspired artwork. The shop offers wall art products designed to cultivate learning from an early age.

Being parents themselves, the owners of the company say that their inspiration for opening the store were their own children. The couple describe the business as being “inspired by our children to inspire other children”. Through the message conveyed by their works, they aim to help other parents and educators create a learning environment for the youngest.

The items offered by Hans & Leo have been personally crafted by the owners, using animal characters to represent messages that inspire independence, confidence, self-discipline, mutual respect and emotional connection. The store is currently showcasing The We Are collection which includes three different designs, namely Exploring Pandas, Kind Lions and Helpful Ants wall art. The depictions of animals are accompanied by thoughtful and encouraging wording such as “We are nice. Even if we don’t agree, we won’t hurt each other.

In the very words of Maria Montessori, the owners of Hans & Leo explain the importance of their work for the development of children.

They quote: “The child has a relationship to the environment different from ours…the child absorbs it. The things he sees are not only memorized; they are part of his soul. He incarnates himself in everyone around him whom his eyes see and his ears hear.

Apart from the thoughtful content of the artworks, another notable aspect of the company’s products is their print quality. According to the Hans & Leo team, all of their materials are giclée printed, which is considered the gold standard for fine art printing. This means that their products use 100% polyester fiber canvas instead of the more common paper. Colored with pigment based inks, the prints are also guaranteed to have a much longer lasting shine. Additionally, the canvases are designed to resist damage and will not tear or warp.

Buyers can choose from three different sizes, 12 x 18 inches, 18 x 24 inches, and 24 x 30 inches. Each package already includes a ready-to-hang kit for easy assembly. The artworks make great wall hangings for playrooms, classrooms or nurseries, the team said.

Hans & Leo offers free shipping to all buyers in the United States and Canada. Expected delivery is two days for US buyers while it takes around six to ten days for those in Canada. International shipping is also available for the corresponding cost.

The store also accepts several payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Shopify, Apple Pay, Square, and Discover.

Hans & Leo’s products are currently sold on Amazon and Etsy in addition to its direct website, http://www.hansandleo.com/.

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