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Himachal Pradesh government orders all educational institutions to remain closed until April 15


The Himachal Pradesh government announced on Saturday April 3 that all educational institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, would remain closed until April 15. The statement also adds that students, whose exams are approaching, can visit schools to allay doubts after parents consent.

All educational institutions will remain closed in Himachal Pradesh until April 15

The statement issued by the Himachal Pradesh government read: “All educational institutions, schools / colleges / universities / institutions will remain closed until April 15. All teaching / non-teaching staff will however continue to attend their respective institutions. . “

Himachal Govt noted that the coaching center and institutes that prepare students for competitions will remain open. The statement read: “Students of classes having their exams scheduled in the near future may visit the school / educational institute to dispel any doubts with the written consent of the parent / guardian. Open.”

Educational institutions can manage hostels with appropriate COVID-19 guidelines

The state government has also authorized the institution to manage the hostel facilities, but with the appropriate COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health. The statement added: “Schools / institutions with residential facilities do not need to close hostel facilities but must adhere to SOPs issued by the Department of Health for COVID-19.” The Himachal Pradesh government has also asked educational institutes to properly disinfect examination centers. He said: “Educational institutions designated as examination centers must be properly disinfected before being used as examination centers.

In the past 24 hours, Himachal Pradesh has registered 402 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the cumulative number of infections to 63,364. However, 60,026 have been recovered so far and 3,338 are active cases of COVID -19 in the state. With the rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the country, India has recorded 88,415 new infections, bringing the total number of cases to 1,22,28,150. In addition, 1,64,110 deaths have been recorded so far.

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