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MDNIY can become the best yoga teaching institution in the world: Minister Ayush

Ayush Minister Shri Sarbabanda Sonowal said on Monday that the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) has the potential to become the world’s best educational institution in the field of yoga, on par with the university. American from Harvard. He was addressing the students and faculty of MDNIY during his first visit to the institute after taking office as the Minister of Ayush.

“MDNIY can become the number one institute for students around the world. We must make global efforts for this. If the United States can create an institute like Harvard, why can’t we?” Shri Sonowal said, adding that it could pave the way for thousands of students from all over the world to visit India for yoga education and research.

The Minister stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to realize Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s dream. “People stand at the gates of India seeking beautiful and healthy bodies. At present, MDNIY has all the work including yoga teaching, training, medicine and research. It should have accommodation arrangements for the students of the university who come from different parts of the country. Excellent accommodation facilities at MDNIY will add value to the institution,” said Shri Sonowal.

Minister Ayush visited all the classes of the institute and interacted with the students. Addressing the students, Minister Ayush said he practices yoga every morning for about 30 minutes. Shri Sonowal also visited the library, meditation center and campus of MDNIY. He also saw the performances of the students.

The MDNIY has so far provided yoga training to 18,000 paramilitary soldiers over the past few years, MDNIY director Dr. Ishwar V. Basavaradi said. He added that an attempt was made to introduce yoga to inmates and prisoners in Tihar prison. “The yoga system gives new dimensions to our life. It should be included in your daily routine,” he said.

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