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New TMC Learning Center Provides Safe Learning Environment for Children of Frontline Workers

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – With childcare costs rising during the pandemic, many families are in need of help. Especially those who work on the front line.

In a study by Loan tree, Arizona child care increased 84% during the pandemic. The average annual cost of child care in Arizona was $ 8,213 before COVID. During the pandemic, child care costs increased to $ 15,077.

Today, Tucson Medical Center provides a new learning environment for children of frontline healthcare workers, directly across from the hospital.

This pilot is based on the Higher Ground Restart SMART system (Stronger, Mindful, Agile and Aware, Resilient and Trauma-Responsive). The Partnership for Campus Effort provides a higher level of peace of mind for employees during the pandemic. It provides educational, emotional and social learning strategies to better support families through the effective Higher Ground learning methodology.

According to the TMC statement, students can focus on their schoolwork while receiving the support they need during these difficult times. Leveraging Higher Ground’s expertise in effective learning environments for children, and critical coping and trauma recovery skills for children and their families, has created a model environment for young people.

Program fees are subsidized by TMC HealthCare.

The cost for a family is $ 15 per day and includes the use of a private indoor learning space as well as a secure outdoor space. TMC Healthcare was able to revitalize a building for this specific function. Children also receive lunch and snacks daily.

Additionally, the Higher Ground program provides one-on-one coordination of parent and student resources, parenting strategies, fatigue and compassion coping mechanisms, and mental health support to TMC employees with participating youth. .

The demand for this help surprised CEO and co-founder, Jansen Azarias. But it does highlight the balance for frontline workers.

“It’s long hours at work, and then you come home and try to help your kids with distance learning, it can be really tough,” said Heather Jankowski, nurse practitioner and director of nursing at TMC. “It’s emotionally difficult to take care of super sick patients day in and day out, every day, and to come home and try to be present with your family. Just taking that little bit off our plate, it really was a godsend.

Currently, the program is being piloted until May 2021

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