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Paradigm launches Cirrus™, the next-generation digital learning environment that builds technical skills for today’s in-demand jobs

ST. PAUL, Minnesota., March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Paradigm Education Solutions, a leading education technology provider, has launched Cirrus™, a revolutionary learning environment that stimulates the development of essential career-readiness skills, including proficiency in Microsoft® Office and digital literacy. Cirrus™ offers a complete, personalized and seamless learning experience in a 100% cloud environment. This unparalleled solution removes barriers that have kept students from succeeding on the first day of class and throughout the course.

“For too long, student and instructor success has been hampered due to required software installations, complex system requirements, device limitations, and platform interoperability. With Paradigm’s release of Cirrus™, we are changing the status quo and providing a first-of-its-kind caring learning environment that truly meets the needs of today’s learners and educators,” said Eric CantorPresident and CEO of Paradigm.

Cirrus™ delivers all course content including tutorials, videos, hands-on exercises and assessments in a fully cloud-based environment. This eliminates the need to install third-party downloads and applications, including Microsoft® Office. In seconds, students access the Cirrus™ learning environment, anytime, anywhere, on PCs, Macs or Chromebooks. This allows all students to start learning from day one of class and access the courseware without cumbersome installation requirements or entering a computer lab.

To help students master basic concepts, Cirrus™ provides “watch and learn” videos that show students exactly how to perform Office application activities. Cirrus™ also provides immediate, personalized feedback that allows students to self-correct and internalize competency-based learning goals.

“It’s critical that students have confidence in their courseware and the grading of their work,” said Christine Hurney, vice president of learning solutions at Paradigm. “Through immediate feedback, Cirrus™ gives students a clear roadmap to successfully complete their course and develop the technology skills needed to meet the expectations of today’s employers.”

Paradigm’s Microsoft® Office 365 and IT Concepts courses will be available in Cirrus™ for the Fall 2019 semester. Paradigm’s Healthcare Careers Tutorial will be available for January 2020 semester.

For more information on Cirrus™ or to request a demo, contact Lara McLellanVice President of Marketing for Paradigm at (651) 215-7615 or [email protected].

About Paradigm Education Solutions

Paradigm Education Solutions offers innovative educational technology that combines engaging teaching with hands-on learning experiences. This approach accelerates skill development, inspires students to think like professionals, and provides context on the relevance of student skills in the real world.

Paradigm’s learning solutions for IT, healthcare careers, business technology and career development support learners in thousands of post-secondary programs, K-12 institutions, correctional facilities and rehabilitation programs. nationwide workforce.

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