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Reliable used cars for people with bad credit

We cut out and cut out the latest information from Consumer Reports for the most affordable used cars for credit distressed buyers

Make the right choice

At Auto Credit Express, we believe it is important that people with bad credit choose a reliable vehicle to finance. With that in mind, we’ve taken Consumer Reports’ latest picks to compile a list of used cars that not only feature solid reliability, but are affordable as well.

And because the average new car “loses up to 47% of its value in the first three years” according to Consumer Reports, the most affordable cars for people with bad credit are probably used cars.

The best and the worst of CR

Back in February, Consumer Reports (CR) published its latest findings which included both “best used cars” as well as “worst used cars” in terms of reliability.

In sorting through the results, we eliminated those overly old vehicles (typically 2006 and older) and came up with what we believe are the most affordable used cars for car buyers with credit problems.

The best reliable used cars

Used cars under $ 10,000

Small cars
Toyota Prius (2007)
Pontiac Vibe (2007-2008)
Toyota Matrix (2007)

According to CR, “At 44 mpg in total, the Prius is the most efficient non-rechargeable five-passenger car you can buy, plus it has plenty of room and a pleasant drive. The reliability has been top notch. Vibe and the Matrix twins are quite versatile, for the Prius, Matrix and Vibe look for one with the optional ESC.

Hyundai Sonata (4 cyl.) (2007-2008)

Consumer Reports states that “The economical, efficient and comfortable Sonata has a pleasant ride, safe handling and a lively four-cylinder engine that brought in 23 mpg in total.”

Used Cars $ 10,000 – $ 15,000

Small cars
Honda Fit (2011-2013)
Kia Soul (2010-2011)

Consumer Reports notes that “the Fit’s strongest point is its incredible cargo-carrying versatility. Yet it’s also fun to drive, with excellent fuel economy and excellent reliability. For a little more passenger space and the comfort of almost any creature, take a look at the Kia Soul. “

Mazda3 (2009-12)

Consumer Reports has estimated that “the Mazda3 has precise and responsive handling, refined engines and a comfortable ride, although it can be noisy on the highway. The 2.0-liter Skyactiv engine, which arrived for 2012, provides an impressive 32 mpg overall. “

Small SUV
Toyota RAV4 (4 cyl.) (2007-2008)
Honda CR-V (2007)

Consumer Reports believes that “the RAV4 has an optional but comfortable third row seat, and the four and six cylinder engines get impressive fuel economy. For a more refined alternative to the Toyota, the CR-V has a powerful four-cylinder. cylinder and a nicer interior. “

The Worst Reliable Used Cars

Since low reliability usually means more expense for homeowners, we suggest borrowers, especially those with poor credit and tight budgets, would be better off choosing a different model.

To quote Consumer Reports, “These models, listed in alphabetical order, are the worst of the worst. They have several years of overall reliability much worse than average, based on models from 2004 to 2013, according to our annual automotive survey. . Each has at least three model years of reliability data. “

Vehicles on this list include that problem credit buyers might see include the Chevrolet Cruze (1.8), Chevrolet Uplander, Chrysler PT Cruiser (non-turbo), Dodge Caravan, Ford Fiesta, Saturn Relay, and Volkswagen Beetle and New Beetle.

The bottom line

Borrowers with poor credit should avoid unreliable used cars, as the chances of paying for expensive repairs on top of the monthly car payment increase for these vehicles.

Another tip: Auto Credit Express Associates consumers with damaged car credit at dealerships who can offer them their best opportunities for approved auto loans.

So, if you are ready to rebuild your credit, you can get started now by completing our online car loan application.