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Saving students from a poor learning environment

In some schools in Afikpo North / South Federal Constituency, Ebonyi State, conditions for students sitting on bare ground to learn without other teaching materials have changed through the constituency member, l ‘hon. Idu Igariwey. UCHENNA INYA Reports

“We used to sit on the floor. It kept us from concentrating on our studies and it also made us suffer from waist pain, especially when we sat on the floor for too long. In addition, our school uniforms were always very dirty from the dust on the floor where we normally sit to study ”. These were the words of Master Uka Orji, a sixth grade pupil of the central school of Egbebu, Ekoli Edda.

The school was one of the schools in the federal riding that lacked teaching materials with students sitting on the bare ground to learn. Some government-provided desks for schools in the constituency broke down without repair or replacement.

Some students brought mats from their homes to sit in their classrooms to learn. Some carry their mother’s kitchen chairs to schools to make them feel comfortable and receive their lessons from their teachers. But Master Orji was happy that such uneasiness in their studies had come to an end with the provision of desks by their representatives in the National Assembly, the Hon. Idu Igariwey.

“We are happy today that our suffering is now a thing of the past through our representative in the National Assembly, the Hon. Idu Igariwey, who gave us seats to relax and receive our studies. These seats are very good and that will motivate us to work hard and to do our studies well.

We are grateful to God for using this lawgiver to come to our aid. We have suffered a lot and God used the Hon. Idu Igariwey to wipe away our tears. We pray that God will continue to bless him so that he does more for us, ”he said. Another student at the school, who is also in the sixth grade, Chukwu Job Ogbuagu, corroborated Master Orji.

He said: “I am very happy for these Hon seats. Idu Igariwey brought for us. We used to sit on the bare ground for our studies, but these seats will require us to no longer be seated on the ground to receive our lesson because sitting on bare ground affected our health. “Sometimes we will feel severe pain all over our body after we sit on the floor and it forces us not to be too strong. We are pleased with this kind gesture from the Hon. Idu Igariwey and we owe him that.

The only thing that we can do to make him happy is to take good care of these seats and also to do well in our studies so that he will continue to remember us. ”Besides the chairs and the classroom tables that were also given to school principals and other teachers in the school, the school also received 800 copies of 80 sheets, 60 sheets and 40 lives, 26 ticked copies of small teacher notebooks / journals for the teachers, 26 Long notebooks for school directors and teachers, among others Five schools in the district have benefited from the gesture.

They understood; Mgbom Afikpo North Primary School, Nkpghoro Afikpo North Primary School, Egbebu Afikpo South Central School, Ozizza Afikpo North Central School and Itim Central School, Afikpo North. Idu, who denounced the conditions of schools in the constituency, said more schools would be considered in his intervention.

He said he was deeply saddened by the way the state government has abandoned public schools across the state, especially those in his constituency, to decay to unimaginable levels. Igariwey expressed his impression of state public schools in Enohia Itim in the Afikpo North local government area, while noting the distribution of educational materials to some schools in the constituency. He lamented that public schools, essential to the socio-economic, political and religious well-being of society, have become neglected and that people now resort to enrolling their children and pupils in private schools that are not affordable. The lawmaker added: “In some of these public schools, there is no school furniture such as desks, tables and chairs for the students and their teachers.

In some cases, students are either sitting on bare floors, blocks of cement or mud, or other makeshift platforms that are shockingly unsuitable for academic activity. “The majority of the buildings in these schools are in total disrepair, as the roofs and ceilings are in such disorderly and dangerous condition. Stung by the worrying level of dilapidated school structures, Igariwey pledged he was ready to continue doing his best to improve the lot of his constituents, especially in the area of ​​educational development.

He, however, urged communities and schools that benefited from the gesture to protect and maintain the furniture for the purpose for which it was meant to serve, even though the lawmaker further said he was deploying a concrete pavement to build roads. boarders at Owutu Government Secondary School. Edda, and also rebuilding the school’s dining hall / meeting room, which had since collapsed several years ago. Igariwey, who built and donated a block of classrooms at Ejikewu Primary School in Edda, Afikpo South LGA, also provided science lab equipment / materials to many secondary schools in the constituency.

The items distributed are durable plastic chairs, plastic study tables, exercise books, and office chairs and tables for the principal and assistant. Igariwey said steps would be taken to re-roof classroom blocks in schools, build a standard culvert on school premises to protect student lives and dig a portable borehole on school premises in his constituency in the next phase. “We think it is good to go to school, we also think that there is a way for a school to be, it will be very difficult for the students to go to school and even less to learn in such a school. “Education started in elementary school.

If you didn’t go through elementary school, you won’t go to high school. This is why I focus entirely on primary school, because focusing on primary school means laying a good foundation in the education sector. “If you are not taught in elementary school, you cannot know something in high school. This is why I have decided that the way we have suffered in elementary schools in our time should not be what our children will go through in their time, it should not be.

“I am more determined than ever to raise the level of learning in public schools in Afikpo North / South constituency; and in the force of this, today I kept my promise to expand the donation of teaching materials as I did at Enohia Itim Primary School, Afikpo on January 11, 2021. Thereafter, we will capture more schools to see that we are giving a boost to learning among our children, ”he said. Ms Egonna Ude, Principal of Egbebu Central School, Ekoli Edda, Afikpo South State Local Government Area, congratulated the lawmaker for this gesture, describing it as the first of its kind in the school. “I really appreciate this young man because he is not the only person to have been to this House of Representatives. Others have gone to the National Assembly from this constituency and we have not experienced what we have experienced from it. Only someone with a human heart can do it.


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