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SDMC: Public education institution Covid-19 cluster detected in Sarawak | Malaysia

Selcare health workers collect samples during a free Covid-19 screening organized by the Government of Selangor gtate in Dewan Musa Muda, Shah Alam on April 19, 2020. — Photo by Miera Zulyana

KUCHING, Feb. 13 – A new Covid-19 cluster in Sarawak involving an institution under the Ministry of Education has been detected, according to the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN).

In a statement, he said the Jalan Kolej cluster involves trainees and their social contacts at a hostel in the educational institution located in Jalan Kolej, Kuching.

This cluster was detected when four of the trainees who exhibited the symptoms were screened for Covid-19 at a healthcare facility on February 7.

“These index cases are also used to returning to their respective states in Peninsular Malaysia for their break and returned to the institution here on February 5.

“The infection is believed to originate from close contacts of positive cases and social interaction between trainees and their close contacts,” JPBN said.

A total of 52 people from this group were screened, of which 26 tested positive for the viral infection, including index cases.

Sarawak today recorded 201 new cases of Covid-19. — Bernama