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Sri Chaitanya educational institution announces scholarships worth Rs 1,000 cr

The Sri Chaitanya educational institution, which owns the edtech platform Infinity Learn, on Friday announced an annual scholarship of Rs 1,000 crore for school and college students.

Sushma Boppana, Director of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution and co-founder of Infinity Learn, said the organization spends Rs 700-800 crore every year on scholarships but the new fund will be spent in a very structured way students at different stages of their university career.

“We will be offering cash rewards to students who qualify for the Score Stem Challenge 2022 in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh to help them with education-related issues. If the qualified student from the economically weaker section of society wants to enroll in a good school, we will help them gain admission and the scholarship will help pay their fees,’ Bopanna said.

Sri Chaitanya aims to reach 10 lakh children annually for the scholarship, which will cover tuition fees up to 100%.

“There are 3-4 sets of essays for students, which include different types of assessment at each stage. Whoever qualifies first will gain access to the stipulated scholarship. The later stages are to assess the economic situation, needs, interest and caliber of the student. The duration of the program is one academic year,” Bopanna added.

The Sri Chaitanya team will visit the homes of the students, assess their needs and economic conditions to identify their economic status.

Online exams will take place from August 26 to November 30 and offline exams on September 18, October 16 and November 13.

”The last day of registration is 3 days before the exam date. Students can take the test from anywhere in India by logging into the Infinity Learn website or visiting Sri Chaitanya campuses,’ the education company said in a note.

Top finishers on the exam will receive world standard mentorship from qualified faculty and coaching for IIT, NEET, AIIMS, among others, based on their interest.

“This (scholarship program) is particularly beneficial for students who are forced to interrupt their studies due to economic constraints and who have no other means of obtaining financial assistance,” said the CEO and President by Infinity Learn, Ujjwal Singh.

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