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The bitter challenge of opening an educational institution


The most talked about education sector in Bangladesh today. Everyone is getting impatient with this sector. The bazaars, the banks, the commercial sectors are all opened in stages but the only ones closed are the educational establishments. . However, the government has taken the initiative to open educational establishments on two or three occasions.,,,

But could not be opened. Because even though it was a little less for a while, the incidence of the crown started to increase from last March. Why aren’t educational institutions open now? There is a storm of discussions going on in the media and social networks with this question. Speakers on the talk show also address a variety of issues, issues and realities. Many are worried about the future of their children. Many argue that the closure of educational institutions is not only a loss of examinations and children’s education, but also a kind of social degradation. With this, the number of child marriages or child labor increases. On top of that, they are more addictive because their children have less contact with their studies.

Although this is not the entire Corona period, when people realized that they had to live with Corona for a long time, online courses started at the Dhuul level and online at the college and university level. At present, public universities have also started taking exams online. . Many families in Bangladesh still do not have a television.

Other than that, if there is a cell phone in a family with 2-3 students, then one person may be able to take the course, the others may not. From there, it is clear that online education has not reached everyone. Let us now come to the important point. This context obviously concerns the opening of an educational establishment. Many compare public universities with public universities.

If I’m talking about college first, then what’s the picture there? Speaking of public universities, we see that two thirds of students still come from economically disadvantaged families. Over twenty thousand students from Dhaka University study in the hall. Where there are currently 8-10 students in a room. It is in no way possible to follow the hygiene rules recommended for Covid-19. This is why the question of opening rooms and universities arose with the vaccination of students.

. Yet 2,000 students have already received their second dose of the vaccine. (Daily Prothom Alo, Source: Aug 2, 2021) Of the total students at 36 public and government universities in Bangladesh, many students are still beyond the reach of vaccination.

There are several reasons for this. There are a lot of students in very remote villages. Where vaccination has not yet started. He will have to wait until then. And will it be possible to ensure this percentage? And how much longer will it take to ensure this percentage? The answers to these three questions are actually very difficult to find.

But the point is that now it all depends on the government’s decision. All public and government universities are now “under” the government. In this case, the university authorities should not only build a protective wall against the crown, but also with external control.

Now let’s come to the last point, and that is elementary school. But now, seeing the situation in other countries of the world, the government has withdrawn from there as well. In many countries of the world


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