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UniAbuja VC promises a quality learning environment

Abuja University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na-Alllah pledged to ensure adequate security and improve the quality of the learning environment in the school.

Na-Alllah who made this promise yesterday when speaking to reporters in Abuja also vowed to do everything possible to provide the necessary facilities to make learning easy and interesting at the university.

He said his vision was to strategically reposition the institution to change the attitude of Nigerians, especially academics, towards school.

The vice-chancellor also said he would empower the indigenous people of the CTF by establishing a center for the Gbagyi Institute to help promote community development, among others, in the region.

“My approach and desires are to lead the way building on existing blocks, to inspire shared leadership and vision, to promote academic excellence and to nurture the heart with the right attitude.

“We want to produce students who can think strategically and not get involved in bureaucracy and, as such, all stakeholders and all hands need to own it.

“This will help us achieve the goal of repositioning the university as a center of innovation, knowledge, creation, technology-driven enterprise, learning and adaptation as core competencies,” did he declare.

He noted that one of the goals of the university is to develop a spirit of research among graduate students for research, intellectual independence, individual creativity and teamwork.

Na’Allah asserted that it was high time that educational institutions and businesses in Nigeria started to work closely together to boost the development of the country.

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